About Elevate Development

Elevate Development is a boutique acquisition and development company located in California and Canada. Elevate Development works to bring awareness to and strategically develop national food chain brands such as Habit Burgers and Jinya Ramen. Elevate holds the exclusive franchise rights in Southern California for Jinya Ramen and works with Habit Burgers regarding franchise expansion as well. In addition to having exclusivity in Jinya Ramen, Elevate also holds ownership interest in another California based company, Tuna Kahuna, located in Burlingame. Through the development of the Tuna Kahuna brand, the company was named as one of the 100 places to eat in the United States, by Forbes.

Elevate Development continues to mature within the national restaurant sector, and as a multifaced development company, began to expand into international real estate. In spring of 2016, the leadership at Elevate entered an undivided agreement with Vancouver based company Fortuna Development in order to diversify their portfolio. Fortuna is a leading developer for luxury multi-family townhomes and condos in Vancouver. They also specialize in acquisition and development of commercial properties for over twenty years. 

 Elevate Developments has taken great care to establish itself as a leader in the both the restaurant and real estate development industries. Committed to providing quality experiences, to both clients and team members alike, Elevate relies on our commitment to our values and ethics to lead the way. We seek to provide quality development and assistance, while maintaining integrity, up to date knowledge, reliability and attention to detail.